John Carleo - Total Gym 6-8 Minute Workout Creator - Also developed the "5 Easy Steps to Functional Lengevity and Wellness"
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Total Gym "Real Time" Workout Videos

6-8 Minutes a Day, 6 Days a Week - $24.97

20 Minutes a Day, 3 Days a Week - $24.97

John's exclusive 6-8 Minutes a Day and 20 Minutes a Day Workout DVDsJohn does each set of each exercise with you. He counts the repetitions for you and gives you instructions to make sure you are doing each exercise to perfection.  John will motivate you and keep you consistent so you will get the maximum benefit out of your investment of time, effort and money.

Included with your video, you will receive an easy to follow charting system to record each day's workout for one full year.  You also receive John's exclusive progression system that will enable you to continuously improve without having to spend more time exercising.

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